The Definitive Guide to Office Deep Cleaning Services

While routine cleaning is essential for maintaining workplace health and safety, there are occasions when your office necessitates deep cleaning services. Curious about whether deep cleaning is the right choice for your office? Continue reading to gain insights into the significance, frequency, and the comprehensive services associated with deep cleaning your workspace.

Why is Office Deep Cleaning of Vital Importance?

At Our Core, We Prioritize Health Over Appearance in Our Cleaning Approach. Deep Cleaning for a Productive, Safe, and Healthy Workplace.

Deep cleaning goes beyond surface aesthetics to enhance productivity, mitigate workplace hazards, and bolster overall workplace health. It's a process that eradicates concealed dust and unseen germs, addressing often-neglected areas. In addition, deep cleaning effectively eliminates mysterious odors, whether trapped in carpets, upholstery, or bathroom drains. The removal of these odors contributes to higher levels of customer and employee satisfaction.

How Often Should You Deep Clean an Office?

The frequency of deep cleaning sessions for your office can vary depending on several factors. If your office receives regular and high-quality cleaning services, deep cleaning may not be required frequently, possibly once a year. However, there are situations where a deep cleaning becomes necessary, such as:

  1. Before or after hosting a major event.
  2. Before or after relocating to a new office space.
  3. When you bring on board a new service provider.

What Sets Regular Cleaning Apart from Deep Cleaning?

Regular office cleaning encompasses daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. This routine includes activities like surface wiping, thorough dusting, floor vacuuming, spot cleaning for floors and carpets, window cleaning, and garbage disposal. These efforts aim to maintain a consistently clean and inviting office environment. The frequency of regular cleaning varies depending on the facility's size and foot traffic. Larger office spaces often require more frequent regular cleaning.

In contrast, deep cleaning involves specialized expertise, equipment, and substantial effort. These services encompass tasks such as removing various types of buildup, floor refinishing, tile and grout cleaning, carpet cleaning, comprehensive surface disinfection, upholstery cleaning, and more.

Three Essential Components of a Comprehensive Office Deep Cleaning

When Performing an Office Deep Cleaning, Don't Overlook These Key Areas:

  1. Hard to reach places
  2. Vents, baseboards, and window ledges
  3. Under furniture

Hard to Reach Places

These areas encompass the upper portions of air-conditioning units, light fixtures, corners, crown molding, and any other areas that are difficult to access due to their height. High dusting is typically a part of routine cleaning services, but if your facility features vaulted ceilings or other challenging architectural elements, your standard after-hours cleaning staff might struggle to address them effectively. In such cases, enlisting a specialized deep cleaning team may become necessary.

Vents, Baseboards, and Window Ledges

These areas often accumulate a significant amount of dust over time due to their inconspicuous nature, frequently going unnoticed. Dust, a common allergen, should be rigorously removed to ensure a healthy environment. While cleaning these spaces is a straightforward task, it can be time-consuming, particularly in the case of multi-story buildings

Under Furniture

Moreover, a comprehensive deep cleaning wouldn't be complete without the repositioning of furniture. The spaces beneath furniture pieces are often a breeding ground for dust and debris. Moving these items is essential not only to eliminate hidden dust but also to uncover any unattended stains or floor damage that may require prompt attention.

What Determines the Cost of an Office Deep Cleaning?

Deep cleaning prices are primarily influenced by the following:

Facility Size: Larger facilities demand a greater number of cleaning personnel, leading to increased labor costs.

Facility Condition: If the office is in a notably poor condition, the cleaning services required may be more extensive and time-consuming.

Accessibility Challenges: A smaller, hard-to-reach area can present challenges to cleaning teams, requiring creative solutions.

Quality of Cleaning Products: The choice of cleaning chemicals can impact the overall price, but it's advisable to invest in high-quality products to ensure top-notch service quality

How to Arrange Office Deep Cleaning Services with Blooming Solutions?

Our deep cleaning services are available to offices located throughout the Peel, Halton, and Hamilton area. To schedule a free assessment, call us at 289-813-6110. or submit a form to request a quote. Be prepared to answer the following questions so that we may assist you the best we can:

  • How large is your office space or how many people work in the office?
  • What services are you interested in?
  • When do you need the services performed?
  • What are you hoping to accomplish?

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