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Sure The Price Of Cleaning Adds Up

But walking into unwanted janitorial interruptions, starting your day with complaints, and not having the proper disinfecting protocols in place are costly symptoms your business can’t afford to be suffering from these days.

But This Is The Reality...

Most cleaning companies fail to deliver within the first 90 days because they lack strategic supervision and become complacent. This costs you your peace of mind, professionalism, reputation, valuable time, health, sleep, etc.... the list is endless.
Blooming Solutions’ difference In longevity is defined by measuring the quality of our work with your satisfaction. This means you get a reputable partner that actually listens to you and applies its 30 years of cleaning expertise to prevent unwanted headaches.

Mark P.

OAKVILLE ON | Manufacturing Industry
"Receiving a superior cleaning service is worth every penny. Thank you guys for everything!"
Commercial Cleaning Services

Hassle-Free Days

Say goodbye to your cleaning headaches and hello to a proactive cleaning solution that truly looks out for your best interest.

How It Works

Book A Touch-Less Tour

All our field specialists get screened prior to the tour. See our Covid response on the FAQ section below.

Get Your Custom Quote

We provide you with a competitive quote and walk you through every step of the way. This can happen virtually or physically.

No More Cleaning Problems

We get to work and you start enjoying the benefits of having a professional janitorial team at your disposal.
Whatever the case may be we are here to make your life a lot easier and have many communication channels. You are in good hands!
Yes! I Don't Want Anymore Complaints!

Consistency You Can Count On - No Excuses

We know each space has its own set of cleaning issues that must be catered to with reliable cleaning plans that must be consistently executed.

Whether you have a large or small space, or a business with multiple locations, we can design a cleaning program that meets your needs and helps you maintain a clean, attractive and healthy work environment.

We Service All Types of Facilities & Industries

From one time jobs to complex recurring cleaning programs, we got you covered!
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How Do We Do This?

We hire based on merits not on quantity. All cleaning personnel are background checked, insured, and fully trained to your cleaning specifications prior to being deployed.

Our skilled operators bring you and your business a service you can rely on with quality assurance practices you can count on. Certified crew arrives in uniform and carry photo identification badges.

We Hate Complacency

Being front-line workers, we have a very strict “NO-COMPLACENCY” company culture to care for your specific facility space. We know the delicacy of being frontliners and because of this, we consistently monitor the servicing of our clients' premises with unscheduled inspections to measure, report, and track real level of cleanliness.

And we do so with the latest cleaning techniques and high tech equipment to ensure you get an optimum service.

That’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all our work.

Industry Certified

30 Years of training and experience to meet your standards.

Fast Customer Service

We’re meticulously responsive to your needs. You ask, we deliver.

Government Approved Hospital-Grade Products

You get the latest and safest products, practices, and equipment.

Fully Bonded & Insured

We work with companies with just 3 employees to up to 200+.

Our liability insurance is backed by one of Canada’s most accredited entities. You truly are in excellent hands.

100% Guaranteed Policy

We fulfill our janitorial solutions proposal effectively, consistently and accurately or your money back!

Confidentiality & Privacy Policy

We will not sell, share, or rent your personal information to any third party or use it for unsolicited activities.

It's Not Easy And We Know It

We know how exhausting it can be to find the right cleaning company while keeping up with your daily tasks. We are here for the long run and are not looking to profit from your worry or cut corners with your safety.

We deeply value your time and will do everything we can to solve your janitorial cleaning problems with integrity, consistency, and quality.
Yes! No More Headaches!

Organizations We Work With

Exceeding Your Expectations

Is no longer "Kudos"...
You Get References Upon Request!
  • James R.

    Tanja L.

  • Danel L.

    Beverly M.

  • Jules R.

    Patti F.

  • Wallace G.

    "Cleaning bids are exhausting, but they really do walk you through a very professional presentation and show you can get the biggest bang for your cleaning budget. Glad we chose them."

    Reno P.

    "This is a professional company that provides excellent service, the team does an immaculate job, and always on time. This is one of the best companies I have worked with for cleaning services."
  • Oksana W.

    Scott L.

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Frequently Asked Questions

(Click on a questions to view the answer.)
We’re 100% committed to fighting this Global pandemic that’s lurking in our homes and businesses while being fully compliant with the guidelines set by Public Health Ontario to disinfect, maintain and protect your space.
All of our specialists are equipped with masks, on-site disposable gloves, and hospital grade disinfectants that are rated at 99.999% Bacteria level while practicing safe social distancing measures.

It’s our priority to make sure you have the confidence to come to work every day or relaxed to know your loved ones are safe back home.

Being front-line operators, all of our staff are required to pass a thorough screening process, F.O.S.P and PPE Gear & Safety training programs as mandated by the provincial government in real time for your safety.
No. All of our hospital-grade disinfectants, cleaning products, and sanitizers are environmentally friendly and are completely harmless to your lungs, skin or any part of your body in general.
Hospital Grade Disinfectant means a disinfectant that is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a hospital-level disinfectant and that performs the functions of bactericides (kill harmful bacteria), virucides (kill pathogenic viruses), and fungicides (destroy fungus).
We operate mostly throughout the GTA & Hamilton Area. Some of the cities we service include:

1. You get a call from our field specialist to seamlessly schedule a quick and touch-less tour.

2. We schedule a physical or virtual meeting at your earliest convenience to provide you with your custom quote.

3. We show you why we are your best choice and establish a start date that best suits you.
Unfortunately, there is no way we can strategically formulate a solid plan of action that will take care of your cleaning needs effectively over the phone. Because we don’t just price our services off square footage, it’s best to schedule a quick tour and get as much feedback from you as possible.
Yes! We also do all types of cleaning schedules like:

Daily, Nightly, Weekly, Weekend, Bi-Weekly, 7-Days A Week, and Even Once A Month cleaning services. The sky is the limit.
NO! We do however work very hard to keep you happy and your facility looking spotless. Because we know it’s no easy task to do this, we ask there be at least 2 calendar months’ notice should there be a need to end the service unless we are impeded to perform the services due to any federal, provincial, or municipal order.

Stop Losing Sleep Over Your Cleaning Service

Hire pros that actually make your life easier.
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