How Much Do Commercial Cleaning Services Cost?

It's no secret that some companies tend to be discreet about their pricing. However, transparency about product and service costs holds significant importance. We understand that running a business comes with substantial expenses, and wise spending is crucial. When it comes to cleaning services, it's an investment worth considering.

Opting for the cheapest cleaning service available is a misconception many companies have. Some believe that cleaning is an unskilled profession and, therefore, should be inexpensive. However, this notion couldn't be further from the truth. Proper janitorial training involves a significant amount of time and hard work. Cheaper options typically result in subpar services.

If you're reading this post to discover the cost of commercial cleaning services, we regret that we can't provide you with an exact figure. The cost of such services varies based on the client, facility, and specific tasks involved. Furthermore, numerous factors come into play when determining the cost of commercial cleaning services. A thorough facility audit is necessary to consider factors such as:


The first influential factor is the size of your facility. A larger square footage translates to more surfaces, floors, and windows to be covered with dust and cleaned. During a building audit conducted by a sales manager, every square foot of your facility is measured, each floor type is documented, and every bathroom is counted.

The facility's size determines both the number of employees required for cleaning and the hours billed to your account. Large corporations might need anywhere from 10 to 40 staff members to efficiently clean the entire facility.

In contrast, a school may only require between one to 10 staff members. Small offices with limited staff and lower foot traffic can often suffice with one to two individuals providing regular cleaning throughout the week.

Type of Business and Location

Different businesses require different cleaning services.

For instance, consider terminal cleaning, a specialized cleaning method employed in healthcare environments to mitigate the spread of infections.

This type of cleaning must be executed meticulously to safeguard the health and safety of doctors, nurses, and patients. Every nook and cranny must be thoroughly cleaned, ensuring that nothing is left behind. Cleaning a small surgical room, especially when it involves equipment, may take anywhere from two to five hours.

While your business may not be a medical facility, it might experience substantial foot traffic. High-traffic facilities often necessitate more frequent cleaning.

Additionally, if your location is in a remote area, it can be challenging to arrange for a cleaning team to reach you. All these factors need to be carefully considered when determining the cost of commercial cleaning services.


As previously mentioned, the size and nature of the business being serviced are significant factors affecting the cleaning duration. However, the timing of the cleaning also plays a crucial role.

When cleaning is carried out during regular business hours, efficiency can be compromised. Cleaning may need to halt if employees are using restrooms, or equipment might need to be powered down when staff is on the phone.

Consequently, many businesses prefer to have their facilities cleaned after hours. Although these hours may not coincide with peak operational hours for your business, they are peak cleaning hours for a professional service, which can impact service pricing..


How often do you require cleaning for your facility? The frequency of cleaning directly impacts how consistently clean your facility remains. Hospitals, medical facilities, and schools, for instance, typically demand regular cleaning due to the prevalence of substantial messes and the larger size of these establishments compared to typical office spaces.

In such cases, hiring a day porter can be a valuable consideration. Day porters play a crucial role as the unsung heroes of your facility, working daily to maintain cleanliness between regularly scheduled cleaning services.

While they help keep the premises presentable, your facility still requires specialized professionals to complete tasks like floor finishing and deep restroom cleaning after regular business hours.

Expected Duties

The number of services you opt for undoubtedly impacts the cost of your commercial cleaning services. For instance, you might be considering a combination of general janitorial, floor care, and window cleaning.

Choosing all three services will naturally lead to an increased overall price. However, it's a well-recognized industry secret that individuals often gauge the cleanliness of a space based on three key areas: the windows, the floor, and the bathrooms.

Ensuring the comprehensive care of these three areas is essential. Moreover, the specific types of floors and finishes in your bathrooms will influence our approach to servicing your facility

Quality cleaning services don’t need to break the bank, but they are an investment. Your facility is a physical representation of who you are and should be clean 24/7. Factors that will influence the price of your commercial cleaning services include size, type of facility, time, frequency and services.

Key Considerations Before Contacting a Professional Cleaning Service:

  • How large your facility is. If you aren’t sure of the exact square footage, the number of employees that work in your space will give us an estimate.
  • Have an idea of what services you are interested in.
  • Know your budget. Your budget will help us come up with a game plan that keeps your facility clean and satisfies your wallet.

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